On this page you will find

-    Contact details of our local Racket Restringing Service

-    Tips on how to recognise a racket needs re-stringing 

-    Three videos explaining Strings, Tension and Ranges of Dunlop String



Introducing Mike of Break Point, as our local racket restringer based in Stonehouse.

He's happy to discuss your requirements and promises to turn your racket around within 24-48 hours !

07496 506923



          Few quick reminders for re-string:

  •          Racket feels dead and lifeless (lost its playablility)
  •         Your having to change your technique or swing harder to compensate for lost tension
  •         Strings physically feel much looser and are moving around alot after hitting and not snapping back into  place


It is worth noting that different types of string lose tension at different rates.

A polyester string such as Head Sonic Pro or Head Lynx will lose tension faster than a synthetic gut string such as Head Synthetic Gut PPS.

Your style of play will also affect the lifespan of your strings.



    Strings Explained


String Tension


Dunlop Tennis Strings