Doubles box league May 2021

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Doubles Box League 2021

Starting April 19th

Please play games by May 31st and email results to Andrey by clicking here


Division 1

Played with Jon Luke Paul Matt Points Finished
Jon Horlock X          
Luke Robinson   X        
Paul Higginbottom     X      
Matt Blaney       X    


Division 2

Played with Billy Ben Ian Andrey Points Finished
Billy Craven X          
Ben Sharp   X        
Ian Higginbottom     X      
Andrey Mirzoyan       X    



Division 3

Played with Ken Mike Austin Sam Points Finished
Ken Womack X          
Mike Pocock   X        
Austin Royle     X      
Sam Coombes       X    



Division 4

Played with Marcus Paul Graham Harry Points Finished
Marcus Gill X          
Paul Darwin   X        
Graham Oakley     X      
Harry Wardle       X    


Division 5

Played with Vinny Simon Matthew Richard Points Finished
Vinny Charles X          
Simon Thirlwell   X        
Matthew Thirlwell     X      
Richard Leyshon       X    


Division 6

Played with Brandon Jill Matt Val Points Finished
Brandon Hardy X          
Jill Salt   X        
Matt Logan     X      
Val Oakley       X    


Division 7

Played with Anthony Alex Tim Christine Points Finished
Anthony Evans X          
Alex Rotaru   X        
Tim Holland     X      
Christine Lolley       X