New Doubles Coaching

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Rob and Olly are looking to start a 6-week mens doubles workshop including the following:

Week 1 : Serve tactics (position of server and partner, movement of servers partner, direction of serves) 

Week 2: Attacking the net (serve and volley, approaching off server second shot, direction of approach, covering the lob)

Week 3: Return tactics (position of returner and returner partner, attacking second serves - getting to the net)

Week 4: One up one back (setting up net players, movement of net players during cross court rally, cross court v down line)

Week 5: Net play (volley technique, interceptions, angled volleys and drop volleys, where to aim volley)

Week 6: Defending against two at the net (hitting down the middle, lobs, passing down line) 


The workshop will start in March and the sessions will be run on Thursdays from 7pm. The cost will be depending upon the uptake and there will be limited spaces available so if you’re interested please click HERE to book your place or contact Rob directly to add your name to the list.