To pay for guests online, click on the Membership tab in the navigation bar above and scroll down to Adult Guest (Pay & Play). If paying by cash on the day, please complete a "HLTC GUEST FEE PAYMENT" slip and put the slip and cash in the HONESTY BOX. Online payment is preferred. No cash is left on the premises overnight.

Any full member may introduce guests to the club.

Anyone whose application for membership has been declined or who has been expelled from the club may not be introduced as a guest.

The Management Committee shall have the power to bar any person from being invited to the Club as a guest, if it believes that it is in the best interests of the Club to do so.

The member introducing the guest must pay the appropriate guest fee and no one may be admitted as a guest on more than five occasions in any club year.

Junior (Senior Status) members may bring up to three guests at a time and if they are non-members the appropriate guest fee must be paid online in advance.