Booking a court

IMPORTANT - It is a club rule that all players must be listed in the online booking slot; if members do not list players a member of the committee may contact you or visit the court during play.



How to use the Ilmington Tennis Club Online Court Booking System                                                        

You can view court activity in 2 ways:

- To view both courts for a single day, select View by Date. You can use the forward and backward arrows to move to the next or previous day or use the calendar to select a date.

- To view activity for a single court for a full week, select View by Court.  You can use the forward and backward arrows to view different weeks.

The courts are open from 8am until 10pm every day.

Please note that if any Junior member wants to book a court slot their Main Contact needs to contact the Bookings Officer, 

Emma Speechley  01608-664300 [email protected]

Below is a brief guide to using the system

  • Select Bookings from the main toolbar
  • Select Make A Booking on top right hand corner of Book your court page
  • Select the date you wish to book
  • To make a booking, simply hover over the slot you want your booking to start and click
  • In the Make a Booking window, select the length of time you wish to book for in the drop down box (either 30 minutes or an hour)
  • Please be aware that you may only make one booking a day, so if you want to book for an hour, you must do it as one booking, not 2 half hour slots
  • Select BOOK NOW
  • Your booking details will appear on the next page, and from here you can opt to book another court, in which case you will be returned to the booking sheet, or you can view a list of your bookings.
  • You will also receive an email confirmation of your booking.
  • You can view a list of your bookings by selecting My Bookings from the top right hand corner of the booking sheet.
  • You may make one booking per day for up to an hour, in a 2 week window.

To cancel a booking, go to My Bookings and view the list of your bookings. You can select to cancel any of them using the cancel button on the right hand side of the page alongside the relevant booking.

If you mistakenly book a half hour slot but wanted to book an hour, you need to cancel the half hour booking then make a new booking for an hour.

• Please record all games on the system, this helps us to establish true court time utilisation

• Court usage priority will go to members who have booked a court