LTA Youth Ages

LTA Youth

We run courses for children aged 4-18, packed full of fun games and dynamic training. We want children to bring all their energy to tennis; no ‘quiet please’ needed here. Our specialist coaches will make sure every child has the best start to their tennis journey in a safe and inclusive environment. Sessions cater to all abilities, so no one gets left behind. 


N.B. Although we’ve assigned ages to each stage these are just a guide. We’ll always put children in the relevant group based on their ability. 



LTA Youth Start

(Aged 4-11) 

This is a fun starter course for children who have never played the sport before, or may have played very little. Packed full of fun games and training drills, it also gives parents the chance to join in too. 


£29.99 (+£5 P&P) gets you: 

  • Six top-class tennis sessions with specially trained coaches
  • A tennis racket and set of balls
  • A branded t-shirt
  • Activity cards, a lanyard, stickers and certificate (provided by the coach) 


LTA Youth Blue 

(Aged 3-5)

Learn the basics. This is an introduction to tennis. Here, we’ll help children improve their balance, agility and co-ordination while teaching them about the sport we love. At this stage it’s not about winning or losing, it’s just getting to grips with the basics.


LTA Youth Red

(Aged 5-8)

Serve, rally and score. This will look a bit more like the tennis you know. You’ll see overarm serves, rallies and volleys. Coaches will help children to further develop their co-ordination, balance and speed. We’ll introduce relaxed competition here too.


LTA Youth Orange

(Aged 8-9)

Develop a rounded game. Time to throw in some tactics, problem-solving, and guides to sportsmanship and leadership. At this stage children will know all of the rules and will be serving and returning in matches.


LTA Youth Green

(Aged 9-11)

Test your skills. This is the big one. It’s time for children to play on full size courts. Now it’s all about growing their game by fine tuning and refining the techniques they’ve learned so far.


LTA Youth Yellow

(Aged 11+)

Take your skills further. Time to find your game. Playing on a full size court with the same size balls the pros use, children will continue to explore different styles on the court, and start to choose their own. 



For more information on the LTA Youth programme please visit the LTA Youth website, or to find which of our programmes please contact Jamie Walters on 07938850558 OR [email protected]