About Us

Kinetic Tennis was founded by Ben Crichton and Jamie Walters, in September 2017 whilst completing their masters degrees at Leeds Beckett University. The idea for Kinetic Tennis was born out of a passion for tennis, developing players and experiences within tennis programmes in Britain and overseas.

This all became possible through the simultaneous availablity of multiple coaching roles around Leeds, the opportunity to create a network of clubs, syncronised in learning and development, became a possiblity.

Through Ben and Jamie's experiences in performance tennis, schools tennis and applicable knowledge from their academic lives, they were able to come together to offer a strong pathway for development within a club setting through the provision of quality coaching, structure and culture. As the Kinetic network grows its player base and reaches across Leeds, we aim to inspire people to take up tennis alongside developing the best possible athletes and tennis players. 

Alongside tennis players, Ben and Jamie aim to grow and develop the next generation of coaches, so that their work can continue to grow and develop. This is to give young people an opportunity to grow their own career's and develop their skills.