Rules and Etiquette

Members should adhere to the rules and regulations of Langside Sports Club (LSC).

Our Club Rules and Etiquette sets out what we regard as good practice for all members to follow and reflects the friendly and cooperative spirit and culture that is encouraged.  It has been drawn up according to guidance from the Lawn Tennis Association.


Respect and Courtesy
All members should demonstrate tolerance, courtesy, good manners, fairness, honesty and integrity in their dealings with other members and visitors to the club. The Club is opposed to discrimination in any form. All members have a responsibility to make everyone feel welcome and to help ensure that membership of the club is a positive experience.


Members should book courts using Clubspark. If booking is no longer required, please cancel as soon as possible. Please remove any ball tins and any other items of rubbish when you leave. We encourage members to recycle old tennis balls in our green bin in the tennis shutter area or give to junior members.

A net measure is available on court and brushes for leaf removal. The Club has arranged for leaf removal at certain times of year but members are encouraged to remove residual leaves to avoid slipping.


Club Equipment and Lights
Club equipment is stored in the shutter storage area and storagae sheds at court 4 and is primarily used for coaching activities. If members need to borrow balls or racquets, they are able to do so and should be returned after use.   A protocol will be put in place for use of the ball machine.   Floodlights cost £1 for 15 mins and are accessible within the shutter area.

Clean tennis shoes should be worn to promote safety as unsuitable footwear can provide insufficient grip and cause damage to the courts. Suitable tennis shoes are flat bottomed with patterns to provide traction. They should not mark the courts.

Appropriate sports or tennis clothing is encouraged.


Court Etiquette (LTA regs)
Full details can be obtained from LTA and many are just good manners or common sense and apply more to league games and competitions {see Match Play Rule Book}, but for new members and those taking up tennis for the first time, this is a summary.

Don’t walk behind a server when they are preparing to serve

Await a break in play to cross courts

Don’t roll balls onto another court or retrieve your own while play is in progress

Don’t play out serves which are out (unless too fast to leave)

Feed balls to your doubles partner or your opponent server’s partner

The server should announce the score at the start of each point

Remain positive and avoid subtle (or overt) signs of disapproval of yourself or others.

Treat others with dignity and respect by avoiding inappropriate actions or comments which may cause offence eg racquet throwing, swearing, aggressive behaviour, excessive questioning of line calls etc

Line calls can be a problem and the LTA recommend the ‘honour system’.

  • Only call the lines on your side of the net
  • Call clearly and firmly what you see and what you honestly believe to be correct
  • If you are not absolutely certain or didn’t see the ball clearly the ball should be considered IN and given in the opponents favour
  • If you have serious doubts about your opponents call, ask politely if they are certain and if they say they are then accept and continue to next point.
  • In social friendly matches if there is some doubt it is polite to offer to play the point again rather than cause undue aggravation and time wasting


According to Langside Sports Club rules and regulations


Guests and potential new members are welcome.  Members may have one free guest per month and two additional guests at a charge of £5 per guest.  Names should be recorded on Clubspark when booking.


Resolving Differences ( and making complaints)
All club members should endeavour to resolve differences in the following order:

  • Between the parties involved
  • By referring the dispute to the appropriate Club Coach, or Team Captain.
  • By referring to the club Welfare Officer or Committee Chairperson who will determine the course of action in consultation with the tennis committee.
  • By contacting LSC Board of Trustees


All complaints and concerns will be treated with strictest confidentiality.

The committee reserves the right to refer any member who causes repeated complaints arising from offensive behaviour, damage to property or breaking Code of Conduct to LSC Board of Trustees for resolution and membership may be revoked.


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