Membership Terms & Conditions


  • Membership is valid for one year from the date of joining. Upon joining or renewing, all members must either pay the full annual fee according to their current membership category or elect to pay in monthly instalments. Membership cost, payment methods and instalment details are contained in the online membership joining/renewal process found in the club website  Club membership is a “discreet rolling” yearly membership with renewal due on the anniversary of the members’ date of first joining
  • Members become 'Guarantors' under the new club structure. This means all 'members' become liable for a nominal £1 should the club ever be declared bankrupt.  This is a legal requirement and not optional.
  • Membership categories and costs are defined in the membership section of the club website. Annual Couple Membership is valid for two adults living at the same address but any additional players such as children must join under their own category.
  • On or near the anniversary of a member joining, a membership renewal email will be sent to all members who are requested to pay promptly. Members who have not paid renewal fees within thirty days of the due date, will be deemed to have lapsed their membership and will not be entitled to use the Club facilities (unless as a paying member of the public), enter club competitions or represent the club in any competition.
  • Members details will NOT be shared with any other party other than to ratify membership application for Leisure for Life.
  • Members are assumed to give consent for photographs of themselves/their children being used in club communications and social media.  Club photography policy is in line with LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) guidelines and is available to read in the Pavilion.
  • All members over 9yrs who are British Tennis Members and have opted in are entitled to take part in the annual club Wimbledon ticket ballot.
  • As a LTA accredited Club, a requirement is that all members adhere to club rules and the various codes of conduct to which the club has committed. These include codes and policies relating to the expected behaviour of players, parents/guardians and children, child protection and health and safety. These can be found in the main hall of the club Pavilion.  Any member failing to act in accordance with these codes/policies may be challenged as regards their conduct and may be asked to leave the court or club premises. Continual refusal to abide by the rules, codes and policies may result in withdrawal of membership.
  • Joining and membership renewals are all online via the ClubSpark system. Members are requested to check their details and amend if required upon renewal.
  • The primary means of communication is by email. Members are requested to modify their account details if their email or mobile number changes. Club events are also publicised via social media.
  • The club takes no responsibility for unsupervised juniors outside of normal coaching or club playing sessions.
  • The club takes no responsibility for personal items left in club premises.
  • Only tennis must be played on the courts. Any other activity is forbidden unless permission is granted by the Management Board.
  • Only the advertised coaching provider has authorisation to deliver coaching services to club members. Any member wishing to use the courts for other coaching activity (paid or voluntary and including but not limited to coaching, hitting, mentoring, basket feeding or ball machine use) either providing or receiving coaching, must seek permission from the club committee in advance. Any member found to be in breach of this term may have their membership revoked.
  • Appropriate sports clothing must be worn at all times (i.e. correct non-slip, non-marking footwear and tops worn at all times).
  • All members must conduct a personal risk assessment before playing and ensure that the courts are safe for use. Any members playing when the courts are considered unsafe(eg slippery surface due to environmental conditions) do so at their own risk.
  • The club will supply tennis balls and floodlighting for club social play and coaching sessions.
  • Players selected for teams are required to pay a match fee which will be collected by the Team Captain
  • Non-members are permitted a trial period of a maximum of 3 social Club-nights. Membership is required if they wish to continue enjoying use of the club facilities.
  • Membership categories and court booking Terms and Conditions can change at any time and members should check the website for the latest version. Hard copies are available on demand.
  • No play is to take place after 10pm
  • Any matters for concern regarding your membership or any other member, please contact us on [email protected]
  • The club welcomes feedback. Anybody is welcome to provide feedback via [email protected]
  • Any ‘fee paying’ member wishing to cancel their membership may do so at any time. If a refund is requested for any reason the club will pay according to a time proportioned formula to establish the benefit the member has received in relation to the payment made. The cost for arranging any refund will be a minimum charge of £25 increasing to a maximum charge of £40 depending on the work involved. If the cost of arranging the refund is more than the cost of continuing membership the club will assume the member would wish to let the membership run its course and then cease any renewal payment, unless instructed otherwise by the member.


  • All Members except Mini and Access members have use of the floodlights. The operation of the lights will be shown upon request after joining.  The cost of using the Floodlights will be subject to announcements made by the Club Committee. 
  • The floodlight access code will be changed periodically. Members requiring floodlights are invited to request the current floodlight lock code via [email protected]
  • Floodlight switch access codes must not be given to any non-members.
  • Members cannot invite guests to use the courts and floodlights.
  • Cost of Floodlights outside of club sponsored activities is £2 per court per hour

Members Booking Tennis Courts

  • The courts are available to the general public. Club members do NOT have priority use except when they are booked for club activities. Members of the public are entitled to book courts but must pay.
  • All members are advised to book tennis courts in advance using the online booking system on the club website. Anyone who has made a booking will have priority.
  • Members must book courts for their use only and not for non-members. 
  • Guests may be invited to play so long as the 'Guest Fee' is applied at the time of booking. via the online bookign system.
  • If a ‘Paid Up Member’ plays with a ‘Non Member’, the ‘Non Member’ would be expected to pay the same rate as would apply to any member of the public. If a Member of the club is found to be regularly booking ‘Free’ court time and then using the court to play with non-members, thereby facilitating avoidance of payment of court fees, they may be permanently excluded from the club without any refund of their membership fee.   
  • Court and floodlight access codes must not be passed on to non-members
  • Courts may be booked up to 14 days in advance.
  • LTC members may use the courts free of charge.
  • For full court booking terms and conditions, please refer to the Court Booking Terms and conditions contained within the online court booking system available the first time that you book a court using the online ClubSpark booking system.
  • The club retains the right to block book courts. All block bookings will be clearly marked on the booking system.





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