Strength and Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is the physical and physiological development of athletes for sports performance. The role of strength and conditioning is to use exercise prescription specifically to improve performance for athletic competition. Meston Performance Coaching caters for sports and abilities of all levels and will help you reach your physical goals, including physical rehabillitation.

What we offer:

  • Individual and Group Strength and Conditioning Sessions (athlete specific)
  • Individual and Group Personal Training Sessions (general well-being)
  • Team Strength and Conditioning - All Sports and Events
  • Online Coaching - Triathlon Disciplines

We periodise every programme to ensure our athletes peak at the correct time. We guarantee the ability to be season ready, chase those race-day PB's and being cabaple to jump further and higher. It's important to note that every individual, sport and (if applicable) position will have different physical requirements to reach peak performance.

Currently, we work with over 200+ athletes and groups from the following sports, institutions and governing bodies:

  • Tennis - Tennis Scotland and East of Scotland
  • Triathlon (Run, Cycle, Swim) - University of Edinburgh and Triathlon Scotland
  • Track and Field Athletics (All Events) - University of Edinburgh
  • Distance Running Athletes (Hare and Hounds) - Scottish Athletics and University of Edinburgh

If you are interested in Strength and Conditioning (or Personal Training) please see the 'Profiles' tab above and contact Calum using the email provided. We provide training for individuals, groups and teams for all levels.