Resources and FAQ's

Please use this page for any FAQ's, resources and other key documents.




1) Can I borrow a racquet?

Yes, we can provide players with anything they need.

2) Do you have any partnerships or sponsors?

Yes, we are linked with Bruntsfield Sports (our equipment partner); a local tennis store just around the corner in Stockbridge.

3) Can I join the programme as a non-member?

Yes, we are open to everyone! It would be worth noting however that there is a guest fee of £5 per session-attended, and for individual coaching it is club policy that non-members can't use peak times. This is club policy and it has, the guest fee, been accounted for in the "non-member" pricing on each of the courses listed above. For this reason, for juniors in particular, we highly consider you look at the membership options here (as cheap as £60 per year). 

4) What are the clubs facilities?

We have 4 outdoor artificial grass courts (floodlit), 4 outdoor grass courts, 2x padel and we're in the process of building 2 indoor courts (expct. winter 2024)

5) What size is the average class?

We try and accommodate for a max ratio of 6:1 in adult lessons or 8:1 in junior lessons, this may change to 8:1 or 12:1 in more social or matchplay bases sessions (court usage dependant). This allows us to provide a quality service where all players get valuable coaching time, but also helps us build a sense of community. Note that this is a maximal figure, and classes sizes will likely vary depending on time/day of said course.

6) Visitor fees?

The club has a £7 visitor fee per club visit. If you're a non-member signing up for a course then this will be factored into the price of your course. If you're unable to make a session please make sure to tell a member of the coaching team so we can log it down for future reference and we can refund you this at the end of a block before sending final figures to the club.

7) I don't know how to select my class, can you help?

Please use our Player Development Pathway and read the descriptions of each level. As players progress we may offer you a free "transition" space into the next level to make sure you are being appropriately challenged. On the flipside, if you feel you/we have overestimated you're ability we'll be happy to offer you a transition to a lower graded group. If you feel comfortable in the new group you will then have the option to move your booking, or add-on to your booking. We encourage players to try any "transition sessions" that they're offered as it's a great method of feedback and progression tracking. It will give you a frequent idea of what "grade" you may be playing at and it will motivate you to climb the pyramid. Please always ask for feedback when you're unsure, there's no such thing as a bad question!

How will I be contacted if there are any cancellations?

This will be done via email/SMS. Please see the weather policy for full details.


If you do have any other questions or queries please use the contact tab (profiles) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can! If you're messaging in regards to a class update (IE because of bad weather at late notice) then please make sure to contact your specific coach.