Coronavirus (COVID-19) update 12 May 2020

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Boris Johnson announced to the nation on Sunday 10 May that England will begin - carefully, slowly and conditionally - to ease certain restrictions of the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown. 

Government identified that tennis was one such restriction that could begin to be eased, allowing tennis clubs to reopen as long as clubs and players strictly adhere to Government and LTA guidelines.

The MPLTC committee met to discuss Government and LTA advice on Monday evening and have decided to partially and conditionally reopen the club as of 8.30am Wednesday 13 May. 

Reopening is conditional and incremental, based on the club’s continued ability to provide a safe venue for its members, as well as members complying to all guidelines. The ability to comply with guidelines will have a direct bearing on either easing or reintroducing restrictions, so it is in everyone’s best interest to adhere.

Please see guidance set out below. 


Key summary points

  • You must pre-book a court
  • Clubhouse closed
  • Singles only (apart from doubles with members of the same household)
  • Members only at this time - no guests under any circumstance
  • Daylight hours only
  • Bring your own balls, water and santiser
  • Outdoor social spaces closed

Guidance for attending MPLTC as of May 12 2020

Please find below information about the partial reopening of MPLTC.

Club opening and court booking times
Tennis format
General info
Booking a court
Frequently asked questions

Club opening and court booking times

  • Court playing hours 8:30am until dark (no lights will be provided as the clubhouse is closed to members)
  • The clubhouse will remain closed until further notice – no access to toilets or kitchen, especially if someone is working in the clubhouse
  • Courts may only be booked in 1.5-hour blocks to maximise court playing times 
  • Booking times - 8.30am-10am; 10am-11.30pm; 11.30am-1pm; 1pm-2.30pm; 2.30pm-4pm; 4pm-5.30pm; 5.30pm-7pm; 7pm-8.30pm
  • You must vacate your court 10 mins before the end of your session to minimise contact with other members
  • Members will have their bookings moved without notice if booked outside these slots
  • No shows – it is especially important to cancel your booking within adequate time. Please be fair to other members and cancel (where possible) at least 12 hours prior

Learn more about court booking best practice.


Tennis format

  • Singles – with someone of your own household or other household
  • Doubles – only where all members are of the same household. You may not play doubles with people from another household. It's expected that almost all tennis played will be singles; we have very few entire families who are all members
  • Changing ends - it's recommended that players do not change ends to avoid contact.


General info

  • Bring your own tennis balls and mark them clearly
  • You must serve with your own balls, and do not pick up other people's tennis balls with your hand - use your racquet to pick up and pass back 
  • Bring hand sanitiser and use before and after touching surfaces
  • The gate will be left open during opening times to remove the need to touch the gate or keypad – please do not close the gate
  • Bring your own water - there will be no access to the clubhouse whatsoever
  • Dispose or take all items (old balls, drink bottles etc.) when leaving the court 
  • Court bookings are essential – you may not attend the club without having a booking
  • Members only at this time – no guests are permitted under any circumstances.


Booking a court

Court bookings are now open. Please log in to your ClubSpark account to access the booking system. You may also use the ClubSpark app.

Please see instructions to create a ClubSpark account and download the app.    


Frequently asked questions

What if I don’t agree with this decision?
It will be a huge relief and provide great enjoyment for many to be playing tennis again. Many will feel the physical and mental benefits.

However, some members may still remain nervous about being outside of their home environment. If members are anxious that their health and safety may be compromised by being away from the safety of their homes at this time, we kindly ask that you do not attend the club for now.

All decisions made by the committee take into account Government and LTA guidance. We are taking all possible steps to ensure any easing of restrictions are done safely, and compliance will be key. 

What if I become ill with coronavirus?
In the unfortunate event that you become unwell with coronavirus and have recently attended the club, please contact the NHS to commence the process to Trace and Track. 

Please inform the person you played tennis with, and contact Sarah Seaholme, MPLTC Tennis Captain, who will consider if there is any further risk mitigation required at the club.

What if I am classified as vulnerable?
As per Government advice, those who are considered vulnerable are advised not to attend the club. This is to ensure your safety, and that of others. 

Can I use the outdoor area?

No. At this time, all outdoor social spaces - patio and general open areas - remain closed.

Can I bring alcohol to the club?

No. Members may not bring alcohol to consume on premises.

What if I haven’t re-joined?
The final day to re-join and avoid paying the joining fee will be Friday 15 May. After this date, any person wishing to re-join the club will be required to pay the joining fee.