Floodlights are to be operated by adult members only please. 

Please access the switch from the Shed. 

Raising the Light Fittings

Each of the 10 light fittings is raised by turning the lifting handle to align with the vertical slot. The light fitting can then be raised to its operating height (one metre) by lifting the handle up to the top position, and then rotating to lock in position.

Lowering the Light Fittings

This must be carried out after use of the lights.

Rotate the lifting handle to align with the vertical slot and carefully lower the light fitting to the bottom position and rotate to the side rest position.

Please do not allow the light fitting to drop unrestrained. It must be lifted and lowered with both hands supoprting the handle. 

Switching the Lights On and Off

The two switches are in the shed, marked lights, and operate like normal domestic lights for turning on and off.

The lights must be turned off after use  but make sure the light fittings are lowered before switching the floodlights off to ensure court visibility.

There is an electrical override to ensure that the floodlights cannot be operated after 10pm.

If you would like to see a demonstration of these three operations please use the video links shown below:

Raising the Floodlights

Lowering the Floodlights

Using the Lightswitch