Help your club

Priors Tennis is run entirely by volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to ensure the local community have the opportunity to play tennis in a safe and pleasant environment. Member fees go a long way to covering some of the essential costs of running the club, but this would not be possible without the help of the club's committee members and other members that volunteer to help from time to time.

But you don't have to be on the Committee to help your club in valuable ways. That's why we have a volunteer programme which enables members to help when and how they can, however small. Not only does this help share the workload, but many members also have skills, know how, or capabilities that of great value to the club from time to time. Please click on the 'Volunteer' banner above for examples of the kinds of things we might need help with at some point.

If you would be willing to help, whether it's half an hour a month, or a one off task, we would love to hear from you via the usual club email (see contact page).

Volunteering can be fun and rewarding and the collective efforts of our volunteers (however small individually) make a real difference to our club.