Play matches

What is it?

The perfect way for adults of all standards to get on court and play some fun, competitive matches without needing to join a club.

There are nearly 200 Local Tennis Leagues nationally to choose from. Simply join the upcoming Round, tell us about your playing style and we’ll match you with players of a similar standard so you all get great matches.

Players are in control of when and where matches happen, so you can fit your tennis around your life. There are points and even prizes to play for too.

Who is it for?

The majority of leagues are mixed singles leagues for adults over 18yrs. We also run a few doubles leagues and some female-only leagues which are clearly indicated on the website.

We encourage players of any standard to join if you’re looking to play some fun, competitive tennis – meaning it’s always good to fight hard for the points, even if we’re not all Andy Murray!

When you join, we’ll ask a few questions about your tennis playing history so we can match you to players of a similar standard in your area. We then continue to match you to similar players in the future based on your results within the Leagues.

As you can play on any court (often in parks) and at any time that suits you, Local Tennis Leagues are a great option if you love playing matches but have a busy or unpredictable schedule, or if you just love playing tennis in parks!

Play matches

Where can I play?

There are hundreds of leagues nationally which you can view here on Rally or via
Once you’ve joined a league, you can play your matches on any tennis court at any time during the Round.