Tennis Xpress

What is it?

A fun and social group coaching course which helps adult beginners to get into tennis.

Tennis Xpress teaches the foundations of the game so that by the end of the six week course you will be able to enjoy fun matches with friends, family or other people that you meet. Under the guidance of an LTA Accredited coach you will be taught new skills and shown how to serve, rally and score.

By using a variety of ball types and court sizes the game will be made easy and fun, enabling you to gain confidence and enjoy mastering the basics.

Who is it for?

If you have never played tennis before or haven’t played in a long time, Tennis Xpress is for you.

Don’t forget that all the other players on the course will be new to the game too so it’s a great way to meet new people who are of the same level as you.

Tennis Xpress

Where can I play?

Tennis Xpress is run at venues across the UK.
New locations will be added throughout the year so please check regularly for new sessions.