Planning New Memberships and Renewals of RATC for 2024-25


THE MEMBERSHIP PACKAGES FOR 2024-25 will be posted  on this website on  March 27th  2024 and renewal notices sent out to existing members. The fees are about 4-5% higher than in 2023-24 e.g Adult fee will be £135 in 2024-25 cf £130 in 2023-24

It would assist our treasurer in keeping the accounting year and membership year income aligned, if members could arrange to make the requested payment in April 2024 rather than March 2024.This is easy if the payment is made by  Direct Debit or BACS , less so if making a card payment.

If  any new member wants to join RATC  before April1st , please contact me on or give me a call on 07802733292 to arrange this.

(There is an " End of Year 2023-24" Adult package valid from 1.2.24-31.3.24 available at £22 on this website.The free of Child membership package 2023-24 remains available to junior  participants of RATC coached sessions who were under 11 years old on 1. 2.24)

Several of our members will need to change their category of membership for 2024-25 by virtue of age, or circumstance. I have done my best to effect the obvious ones e.g. Juniors who have reached 18, but  if you receive a renewal notice for a category of membership which is no longer appropriate , please let me know soonest. 

If there are members who do not wish to renew in 2024-25, or who have changed address/ email address /mobile phone number,  please advise me on as soon as possible.

The committee has decided  to only increase the cost of 2024-25 packages by around 5% in line with inflation. Our court maintainence costs are increasing and the club also wishes to engage contracted help with keeping the courts free of leaves and debris in the coming year. Currently this task  seems to fall on our coaches and a  very limited number of willing volunteer members, which is not sustainable in the long term.



The full RATC membership year runs from 1st April to 31st March. The club only offers shorter duration packages for new members through the winter season.

Membership fees for the more expensive packages can be paid by monthly Direct Debit to help spread the expense on personal budgets through the year; however it is expected that Direct Debits  continue for 12 payments to meet the cost of an annual membership  unless the members moves away, falls ill  or sustains significant injury,and wishes to cancel  their membership, rather than temporarily transfer to non -playing Social/Contact membership .

RATC does not offer summer months only packages .

0ur underlying costs of lease fees. insurances , maintainence costs etc  are incurred all year around and we do not charge a joining fee to new members. 

Members who fall ill or injured in year can suspend their membership in year and temporarily become Social/Contact members. If members move away in year it is possible to cancel a Direct Debit or arrange a refund in negotiation with the club treasurer 


Safeguarding Policy
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Codes of Conduct
Court Booking Policy

Benefits of RATC club membership include:-

Free court booking rights within the club's court booking policy .(excluded from Social/Contact membership).

 Free  LTA Advantage Play + Membership ( previously known as British Tennis Membership ) 

A free introductory session with one of the coaching team for new adult members.

Access to  free of charge Member Organised Sessions ( MOS ) for social tennis  for adults and students.

Reduced coaching fees cf. non members, who are expected to also pay a court  fee.

Reduced charges for coach led  club social tournments .

Ability to represent the club in local leagues,( Adults and Juniors).

Access  to in house box leagues &  club championship competitive play. 

 Access to club social events .


Social/Contact  membership is available for adults unable to play due to injury or illness, and adults who want to be involved with the club, but only in social and administrative activities. 

This is a non playing membership and does not include court booking rights.The number of Social/Contact members is limited to 10% of the total adult memebrship.

The club is trialling a "Walking Tennis" MOS ,  this is the only playing session available to Social/ Contact Members.

Please contact for membership of the Social/Contact  package. It does  not appear on the Membership package menu for public view, being only by individual application or invitation.

Sue Tippett

Membership Secretary RATC 



All membership packages other than Social/Contact membership, include court booking rights.

Court bookings for members under 18 years old need to be made by the member's  named adult contact.

Junior members age 13 and over,  wishing to make their own court bookings  need to have their own email address. (The Junior can then apply to or,  including their named adult contact's signed consent for permission to be granted to the Junior to make their own court bookings.)

All court bookings must be made  in line with RATC's  court booking policy /terms and conditions.

Please be certain the email address you use to register with Clubspark is the same email address you also use to book courts.

Family memberships include all under 18's in the same household as the adult contact, who participate in the sport of tennis at RATC.

Only the lead adult contact on a Family package automatically has court booking rights . (A second adult or a Junior over 13 in the family group wishing to have court booking rights, needs to supply their own  email address to the club chairman or secretary) 

2 adults in the same household without any under 18's are recommended to take out 2 single Adult packages ( rather then a 2 Adult Family package)

Free of charge individual Child memberships 2023-24  are available to under 11s  ( on 1.2.23 ) who attend RATC's coached sessions.

RATC requests that non tennis playing/participating children under 11 are not included in Family Memberships. 

All membership queries or updates on your circumstances, address, contact details etc to please.

Membership fees can be paid by:-

BACS - the club's preferred method-as it does not incur any charges

Direct Debit via Go Cardless on Clubspark, either as a single payment or  a monthly payment for the more expensive subscriptions.

Debit/Credit card via Clubspark's Stripe facility.

(Monthly direct debit payments attract a small administrative charge. RATC no longer accepts cheque or cash payments for membership fees). If  an individual needs to use cash or cheque, please arrange by contacting        



Child 2023-24

01/04/2023 - 31/03/2024

Free RATC membership including free LTA ADVANTAGE PLAY+ membership for child under 11 years old on 1.2.2023 who attends RATC coach-led sessions and is not included in Family membership package. Valid from 1.4.23 until 31.3.24.

Eligibility: Under 11 years old on 1.2.23. The named adult contact accepts responsibility for ensuring that they and their child are aware of the club's policies, code of conduct, and the procedure for reporting concerns.

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End of year 2023-24 new adult membership

01/02/2024 - 31/03/2024

Adult membership for the months of February and March 2024

Eligibility: New or returning members who intend to take out a full membership for RATC's 2024-25 membership from 1.4.24

Age: 18 and over

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