LTA youth girls

Delivered by trained LTA coaches, the six-week introductory course is packed with games and exercises to build confidence and skills on court, all whilst having fun with friends.

The course costs £35 for six sessions of coaching, as well as a t-shirt, tennis racket and tennis balls so they can keep practicing at home or at your local courts. Prime Video LTA Youth Girls INTRO is designed for girls aged 4-16 who are new to tennis. The sessions aim to make tennis fun and relaxed so girls can develop their skills in a supportive environment.

Tuesday 4-5pm Ages 5-8 prime-video-lta-youth-girls-intro-course_59fb672c-05ea-4707-acac-1956c6c8ee55

Tuesday 4-5pm Ages 5-8 prime-video-lta-youth-girls-intro-course_6bb60a32-c270-4486-afc2-4268caae31f5

Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm ages 8-11 prime-video-lta-youth-girls-intro-course_764be1ac-d016-407c-862d-21befef2e59c

Saturday 10-11am Ages 11-14 prime-video-lta-youth-girls-intro-course_ceb4aff3-e886-49e1-ac0b-dbcbb2db9414