Winter Newsletter


As the year draws to a close, it is normal for many to embrace reflection. Amidst this reflective time, our dedicated committee members and volunteers find themselves pondering a central query: are we still motivated?

Before delving into this question, let us pause and take stock of this eventful year—a year that, in its abundance, has at times left us feeling spent. Orchestrating sessions, planning events, supporting competitions, attending tournaments—the scale of our duties requires unwavering dedication and focus. The intricate juggle of activities and finances while steadfastly upholding the principles of our Constitution often presents its own set of challenges. Occasionally, this tireless endeavour seems to slip into the shadows, unnoticed or perhaps taken for granted. It's essential to clarify that these undertakings are not pursued for personal gain. Yet, the missteps and inappropriate words encountered along the way can momentarily test our resolve.

However, these fleeting doubts are promptly eclipsed by these inspiring words from Kim, the wife of one of our newest visually impaired players, Robert, certainly gives pause for thought.

"Seldom do I find myself compelled to express my emotions in writing, but the experiences that both Robert and I have gone through in recent weeks have been nothing short of transformative. Robert has grappled with the challenges of accepting his sight loss, which has a significant impact on both him and our relationship. The transformation I've witnessed in Robert since he started attending the tennis group is nothing short of remarkable. It's evident that he relishes the social interactions, but the physical aspect has also brought him immense joy. He's gained a newfound sense of confidence, and I can now see a glimmer of hope and purpose in his eyes, which had been missing before he joined your group".

So, to answer the pressing question—"Are we still motivated?"—the resounding confirmation echoes: Yes, we most certainly are!

Our members!

This year, the Club has introduced The Captain’s and Coach Award.  The recipient of the coach's award embodies dedication, persistently enhancing their game amidst hurdles. They exemplify relentless efforts to overcome weaknesses, bolster their strengths, and display humility while supporting others on a similar journey.

Recipient of the Captain’s Award exemplifies unwavering dedication to the Club and tennis. Whether through volunteering, supporting social activities, attending coaching camps, or participating in tournaments, they consistently engage with the game and the Club, embodying a commendable commitment.

The Coach’s Award, presented by Ben, this year went to Emily

The Captain’s Award presented by Nomaan, this year went to Ameen

Congratulations to a our member, Jordan and our captain Nomaan, who were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go to Italy to play blind baseball as part of a GB developmental team. The adaptation of the popular game of baseball gives the VI community the opportunity to play a fast and exciting game.

Breaking Barriers at Wimbledon!

The Play Your Way To Wimbledon is a tournament that gives players an opportunity to follow in their heroes footsteps and compete for the title at Wimbledon. For the very first time visually impaired adults competed in selected regional series events, with the winners progressing to the National Finals. Our Club secretary, Janiece, and club Member, Lindsey, made it to the Ladies B2 final at the iconic All England Tennis Club's world-class indoor facility. Their journey—epic. Their achievement—legendary. A round of applause for these phenomenal ladies!!

Triumphs and Firsts:

Club's Success at the Glasgow Visually Impaired Regional Tournament 2023

The Glasgow Visually Impaired Regional Tournament of 2023 witnessed a remarkable turnout from the Club, with seven dedicated players—Janiece, Ameen, Fiona, Parveen, Tosh, Tim, and Sid—gracing the courts over the spirited weekend of 14th to 15th October. Their unwavering determination was matched only by the guiding presence of their coach, Jaggy, who offered unwavering support throughout.

For Fiona, Parveen, and Tim, this tournament marked an inaugural journey into the realm of visually impaired regional competitions. The atmosphere, both friendly and fiercely competitive, revolved around singles and doubles tennis, catering to various sight classifications.

Amidst the enthusiasm and rallies, the Club's players showcased their commitment to participation, skilfully mixing it up with experienced players from around the UK and Ireland. Notably, Sid and his doubles partner, Anthony, emerged triumphant, securing the coveted 1st place and golden glory in the B1 doubles category.

Furthermore, a standout moment arrived as Fiona, in her maiden regional tournament appearance, clinched the silver medal in the B2 ladies' category. Her spirited performance resonated with determination and marked the beginning of what promises to be an illustrious journey in the competitive realm.

The Glasgow Visually Impaired Regional Tournament of 2023 will be etched in the Club's history as a testament to perseverance, sportsmanship, resilience, and the building of new relationships.

To all participants, whether stepping into the competitive arena for the first time or adding to their list of accomplishments, congratulations on a remarkable showcase of talent and spirit! Glasgow, we’ll be back!!!

Striking Success: Club Captain’s Day Bonds Beyond Tennis

In line with the Club's commitment to fostering a vibrant social network among its players, the Captain’s Day emerged as a delightful initiative, aimed at transcending the boundaries of tennis and nurturing friendships off the courts. This thoughtful endeavour, aligned with the Club's constitutional goal, was organised under the stewardship of the Club Captain, Nomaan, who was tasked with planning a day of social engagement.

Partially funded through member contributions and fundraising activities, the Captain’s Day became a tribute to the Club's dedication to creating inclusive and enjoyable experiences. The chosen activity, ten-pin bowling, was a unanimous hit, drawing participants into a day of shared laughter and friendly competition.

Three lanes reverberated with the energy of at least eight competitors each, silently vying for the coveted title of ‘head pin’—a light-hearted, yet fiercely contested accolade. Despite the unspoken competitiveness, the day was an embodiment of the spirit of fun, fostering bonds that extended beyond the lanes. In a memorable display of skill and determination, Carol and Ameen emerged as the champions, claiming the esteemed title.

The success of the Captain’s Day went beyond strikes and spares; it underlined the Club's commitment to unity and friendship. Participants revelled in the opportunity to forge deeper connections outside the sphere of tennis, solidifying the Club's ethos of inclusivity and equity.

As the echoes of laughter and the thrill of competition subsided, the memories of the Captain’s Day lingered, serving as a testament to the Club's unwavering dedication to creating a vibrant and connected community beyond the tennis courts.

Tennis Tuesdays: What A Journey

By Parveen

After a spontaneous introduction to tennis, I found myself in a world of support and friendship that went beyond sport. Not being traditionally "sporty," the social appeal initially drew me in, but the exciting pull of the game itself had me hooked after just one session. "Tennis Tuesdays" became more than a weekly fixture; it became a highlight of something to look forward to, and not solely for the post-game socials!

Attending sessions regularly has developed my confidence beyond anything I had imagined possible. Witnessing personal and team-wide improvements was an invigorating high.

Beyond the matches, our tennis family—members, volunteers, and coaches—loved to laugh, making every session more than just about forehands and backhands. This community spirit is what guarantees my continued presence on the courts for years to come.

Our recent trip to the Glasgow Visually Impaired Tennis Tournament embodied this collective spirit. The tournament unfolded as a celebration of exciting tennis and a demonstration of the wider VI tennis community's warmth and support.

Look Out For….

Resumption of Team Challenge  (winners to be announced in the April Fund raiser)

Recreational tournament.

Visually Impaired Tennis at the Sheffield & District Tournament.

Shout Out!

To our new partners, the National Lottery Community Fund and The Coop Community Fund.

To the Dan Maskell Tennis Trust for their individual grants for coaching, awarded to our member Sid and our secretary Janiece.

To our Club secretary Janiece and Treasurer David who both volunteered their precious time for the 5-days of tennis during the IBSA World Blind Games in Birmingham!