Volunteering For SYVITC

SYVITC strives to be relevant and accessible to the VI community by making the tennis and social aspects welcoming and enjoyable. There are various barriers to access the sport for the VI community, these include transport, session costs, equipment and a pool of willing sighted volunteers. 

The Club offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to gain an invaluable insight into living and playing sport with a disability.  The Club will not achieve its ambitions without the vital support and time of dedicated volunteers.  Knowing this, the Club wants to provide a positive volunteering culture and is forever keen to ensure volunteer's experience is enjoyable.  

We recognise that some new volunteers may be apprehensive with working with VI players, so the Club offers all its volunteers VI awareness training and they are given advice on guide dog etiquette. 

What is it like to Volunteer?

We realise that when you first start volunteering with us, you might not know exactly what to do or who is the best person to help. Don’t worry, our friendly atmosphere and other volunteers will be close by for support.  When volunteering with us, remember these tips when working with VI players

  • VIPs have varying degrees of visual impairment.
  • Always address VIPs by their name – in this way, they will know that you are talking to them. And introduce yourself!
  • As tempting as it may be, it is important not to touch, interact, feed, or otherwise distract a guide dog. This includes guide dogs lying or sitting quietly whilst their owner is on court.
  • On court protocol is for the server to call ‘Ready’, the returner to respond ‘Yes’ and the server to call ‘Play’ before the ball is played.  In addition, sighted volunteers are encouraged to say the name of the person they are serving to.
  • VIPs are fiercely independent, however, there may be a need to guide VIP from one area to another.  Offer to guide, but never grab or drag a player!

Our Volunteer Coordinator and will from time to time update you with useful information, club events, meetings and coaching sessions.  They will also be available to receive feedback from you. You can also contact the Coordinator about general matters relating to volunteering.