Club Policies

Behind any club sit numerous policies that help it to run safely and efficiently. You can find all our key policies here, along with our Constitution, which details how the committee will run the club on behalf of members.


Please read the Code of Conduct:

It’s brief and applies to all members and visitors; we want everyone at Steep to enjoy its great facilities and act considerately towards each other.

SLTC Code of Conduct


The Safeguarding Policy aims to make Steep a safe, welcoming club for all players and visitors.

Have a concern about the safety or wellbeing of any junior or vulnerable adult at the clubThis explains how to report it to the club Welfare Officers or, if urgent, the local authorities.

SLTC Safeguarding Policy


SLTC Diversity and Inclusion Policy

SLTC Complaints Policy


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Health and Safety Policy Steep LTC

General Privacy Notice Steep LTC

Photography Policy Steep LTC

Team Selection Policy Steep LTC


Steep LTC Articles of Constitution 17 Jan 2012