We run coaching programme available to all members and selective coaching available to non-members:

  • Saturday 8:30 am - Improver & Full member session also available to non-members
  • Saturday 5pm - Beginner / Improver coaching available to members & Non. 
  • Monday 7pm - Team training - available for teddington team players from Middlesex premier league to division 5 level. 
  • Wednesday 9-10am adult tennis xpress coaching for members and non members. Improver to team level. 
  • Friday 1pm - adult xpress coaching available to members and non members. Beginner / Improver level. 

Our qualified coaching team is led by our Head Coach Anthony Mills and supported by James Mohan, Tom Dixon, Chris Alabaf and Joss Davies, who all bring a wealth of experience to the coaching programme.

Private lessons with Anthony are £40 an hour, while James, Tom, Chris & Joss are £38 an hour for members  There is an additional £2 (juniors/minis) / £3 (adults) visitor fee for non members.