LTA work experience, third blog - Alice

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Having now worked up valuable experience with the LTA for around five months, more exciting and significant opportunities have arisen. Previously just a tennis fan from the outside, I have now found further insights into the world of tennis administration and marketing. From writing these blogs to interacting with people on social media, each part has been a fascinating insight, not least my most recent task which was completed over Christmas.

The task: to create and propose a marketing strategy for Worcester clubs, particularly focusing on local advertising to gain and retain players of all ages. This was my biggest and most interesting task yet, although diving into the deep end of tennis marketing was initially slightly daunting. The strategy holds the hope and expectation to, in the short run, create a new Clubspark for Tennis in Worcester, bringing all the clubs together onto one accessible page, and, in the long run, to raise awareness of what is to come in 2018 for the world of British tennis.

The aim is to make as much noise about tennis and the exciting new opportunities that the LTA are soon to bring, meaning I had to decide on the loudest and clearest online and physical marketing to make Tennis in Worcester heard. This encompassed Facebook marketing, interactive social media posts and visual marketing, including printed posters and leaflets which can be sent around the local area, all of which holding the hope of involving and attracting the local community. 

Having then devised a plan for Worcester, this was repeated for Lichfield, tailoring my stratgey for Worcester for new clubs, this time particularly focusing on what the clubs already had in way of online, social media presence.

I'm loving every moment of this new side of tennis. Now in my last year at uni, my ability to make time for getting on court and having a hit is restricted, but by making a trip into the office each week I can't fail to be immersed in tennis in all possible ways, and will hopefully now be able to watch as tennis in Worcester grows. 

Alice :)


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