Our Reward and Incentive Scheme

We think it is important for children to keep a record of their lessons, to keep track of where they are at and what their progress is.

Every child will receive one of our Reward Cards.

The Tots Tennis Sticker Card

All children learning to play tennis on our Tots Tennis programme are given a TTotsTennis Sticker Card. They are then given a sticker at the end of every lesson and once they have collected 12 stickers and completed their card, they receive their Tennis Medal.

We find the children get really excited once they complete their card and they look forward to "medal-day". The sticker card shows pictures of 4 Junior Tennis Players and the children can choose who their favourite is: Jumping Jess, Backhand Billy, Smashing Suzi and Acing Alfie.

The Red Mini-Tennis Card

Our 5 to 8 year-olds follow the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) mini-tennis curriculum, a fun program designed to help young players progress through different levels and for every skill learnt, they receive a related sticker. On completion of the card, they recieve an engraved Gold Tennis medal.

Mini-Tennis players progress through different levels and are tested on four important skills:

  • Rallying - Learning and developing rallying skills
  • Serving - Learning and developing serving skills
  • Coming to the net - Learning and developing movement forwards and volleying
  • Scoring and Competing - Learning the rules, how to score, how to compete and fair play

As they complete each level, they are awarded the Skills-related sticker. The regular rewards encourage the children to develop their tennis skills at a pace that suits them. Read more about the Mini-Tennis Programme.

Once the Mini-Red Card is complete, they move on to their Tennis Passport.

The Tennis Passport

When children start competing and playing in matches, we issue them with their own Tennis Passport, a personal tennis diary. With their coach, they can set objectives and use the tennis diary section to record match results, lessons, practice sessions, even their thoughts or feelings!

They should keep their Tennis Passport with them whenever they are at tennis and refer back to it regularly.

It's a great tool to keep track of everything about their tennis journey!