Junior Coaching - WST

Wakefield School of Tennis has partnered with the LTA's new initiative aimed at increasing the playing span of any starting the game.

Called LTA Youth the newly packaged scheme encompasses tennis provision

Sessions run for the following age groups;

  • BLUE: 4-6yrs
  • RED: 6-8yrs
  • ORANGE: 8-10yrs
  • GREEN: 10 - 11yrs
  • FULL BALL (Also known as YELLOW) 12-16yrs

Our on-court program MERGES some of these groups, this aids the inevitable transition from group to group, below is the sessions available at West Yorkshire Tennis Club

For Junior Coaching at Thornes Park, please click HERE

Dwight is trailing a new booking system for those wishing to book a 1:1 session. 

If this is something you were thinking of arranging why not book through this method?

The booking app can be found here?

Wakefield School of Tennis | Scheduling and Booking Website (simplybook.it)

... its a new year

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