Welfare and Safeguarding Policies

On this page you will find details about how to contact our Welfare Officer, Di Robertson-Bell, and links to our full documentation.

Send an  email to our Welfare Officer

Walton Tennis Club want to be a club who offer a safe and inclusive environment for the enjoyment of all our members, visitors and children who play tennis or have lessons. 

To ensure this we have a Safeguarding Policy, a Diversity and Inclusion Policy, a Child Photography Policy, and soon, an updated Changing Room Policy.

I am the designated Welfare Officer who is responsible for ensuring that these Policies are up to date and adhered to.  I am also responsible for passing any safeguarding issues onto the LTA and other agencies should the need arise.

It is also the shared responsibility of all members to ensure that our club is a safe and inclusive place for all.  This can be done by following the codes of conduct in the Policies and being the eyes and ears of the Club.  So if anyone has any safeguarding concerns at the tennis club, I should be your first contact.

Please click below to view or print out our policy documents:

Safeguarding Policy
Diversity and Inclusion Policy
Child Photo Policy

Please click below to view or print our WLTC Codes of Conduct for:

Juniors and Mini Members
Adult Members