SmartAccess Gate

Secure easy access to our courts

Our new SmartAccess gate provides secure PIN-based entry to our tennis courts. We think it's a great modernisation for the club and will provide better security.

Where is my PIN?

Upon making a booking through our website, you will already be given a PIN number to access the courts. Note that this PIN does not chanage, but it will only allow you access to the courts at your alloted booking time.

Your PIN will be in your email confirmation and can also be viewed if you sign in and then view your bookings.

Do I need a PIN to leave the courts?

No, there is a handle to turn for exit, so there is no danger of being locked it. Also, in the event of a power cut, the gate will automatically unlock and stay unlocked.

Can I enter the courts before my booking starts or after in case I left something on court?

Yes, your PIN will work for a period before and after the booking time to allow access.