Opening of Squash Courts and Clubhouse

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From Wednesday 2nd September the squash courts will reopen.  You will also be able to access the clubhouse to use the toilets.  Please note that upstairs is not open, the showers and changing rooms are not in use and table tennis cannot yet be played.

Squash can now be played under the following conditions:

  • Under 12yrs can play together with no restrictions
  • Adults and over 12yrs can play solo squash or with a member of the same household

We are currently considering whether any coaching can go ahead as the requirement is for the coach to be off the court.

What has the club put in place ensure a safe return to squash

We have carried out a full risk assessment based on Scottish Government and Scottish Squash guidance and have put the following in place to protect the wellbeing of our members and visitors and reduce the risks associated with Covid-19.

  • A disinfectant fogging spray was carried out on Monday which kills all bacteria
  • An enhanced daily cleaning routine to wipe and disinfect all surfaces has been put in place
  • Contact with surfaces has been minimised by leaving internal doors open and removing chairs, tables from the entrance
  • Court bookings will be restricted to 30 minutes of playing time leaving 30mins between individual bookings (in order to help air circulation and ventilation between sessions)
  • Tom Clemens has been nominated as our squash Covid officer to act as central point of contact and to assume overall responsibility for implementation of the latest government guidance
  • Hand sanitzer has been provided which you must use before you enter the clubhouse and again when you leave
  • Hand sanitzer is also provided for you to use outside each squash court and again you must use this before and after playing
  • Guidance for playing squash safely is on each court entrance
  • Rules for entering the clubhouse are displayed on the entrance
  • Clear signage is in the clubhouse so you know exactly what areas are open and those that are not

What you need to do when entering the clubhouse

  • Please do not enter the clubhouse if you are showing any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Use hand sanitzer when you enter and leave the clubhouse
  • Face coverings must be worn inside before and after playing squash or if you are just using the toilets
  • Observe the 2m social distancing, markers have been put in place for your guidance
  • Avoid any unnecessarily touching of surfaces
  • Access to the clubhouse is only to use the squash courts or the toilets.  Please don’t remain in the clubhouse any longer than you need to.
  • Notify the club if you have symptoms or have tested positive so that thorough cleaning can take place

What you need to do when playing squash

  • Please ensure you ease gently back to playing to avoid any pulled muscles or other injury
  • Follow the rules for entering the clubhouse as above
  • Use the hand sanitzer outside the courts, before and after you play
  • You must have read and understood in full section 4 of the guidance for players published by Scottish Squash (available here) before playing
  • You must arrive in playing kit as changing rooms will not be available
  • Bring own personal water bottle as the water fountain at the club will not be available
  • Players must wipe down common surfaces including court door handles etc before and after play and any walls that have been touched.  Disinfectant wipes will be available at the front of the court.
  • Any personal possessions to be placed at the front of the court under the tin (Changing rooms will not be in use)
  • You should remain on court in between the games and not come off unless for an emergency (to reduce the number of people moving round the clubhouse communal areas and to maintain social distancing)
  • Avoid contact with the walls and especially do not wipe hands on the wall (use only a personal towel kept at the front of the court to wipe hands during play).
  • Leave the court door open after playing to encourage air circulation and ventilation 
  • Leave the clubhouse as soon as possible after finishing playing.

Track & Trace

It is now mandatory for the club to gather details of all those who use our facilities whether it is inside or outside. Therefore please ensure:

  • Your personal contact details are up to date on Clubspark 
  • You book a court before playing, please do not turn up and play
  • The contact details for one member ie “lead booker” is sufficient but you will be required to provide contact info of who you played with if necessary for a period of 21 days.
  • There are a lot of guidelines to stick to and everyone has a responsibility to ensure they are followed to protect the safety of everyone using our facilities and your co-operation is appreciated.
  • The measures that we have put in place will be monitored daily.  If you feel that there are things that need to be reviewed or measures that need to be included then please don’t hesitate to email [email protected] and we will act on this immediately.  

The next government review of restrictions is 10th September so let’s hope that squash can be played more fully.