Whether you've got a pre-school child that you wish to introduce to the game a child who would like to develop their tennis skills, we offer coaching for all ages. We have developed a highly successful junior programme that helps young players to maximise their full potential, and offer ongoing Mini Tennis lessons. All of our classes are taught by our young, passionate coaching team led by Head Coach Claire Overton.

PTA is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well-being of all our players. We have a comprehensive safeguarding policy and associated protocols, all of which can be found on our website at the following link


 and which are held in printed copy at Reception. Our codes of conduct for staff, children and adults are displayed on our noticeboard next to the entry to the indoor courts. We keep any information required from parents about their children strictly confidential in accordance with Data Protection rules, and we encourage open and honest dialogue between our staff and parents concerning children’s well-being or specific needs.

While the Academy takes every reasonable measure to ensure the safety and protection of all its customers including junior players while they are on the premises, it is only within the playing area (courts in use) from commencement until finish of respective coaching courses that our coaching staff provide requisite adult supervision. Our Reception Staff are not qualified or authorised to provide such supervision. It is therefore the responsibility of each parent/guardian to ensure that their child is adequately supervised at all other times that they are on the Academy premises. We ask that players under the age of 11 are chaperoned by parents/guardians until they go on court, and that they are collected on time at the end of the session because there may not a coach present or available. For players 11 and over, we are content for parents to make their own judgment concerning unsupervised attendance before and after coaching classes.