2020 Programmes

*** Covid-19 Update 21/03/2020 ***

It is with a heavy heart that we will have to suspend all group tennis activities until further notice. The decision has been made in response to the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) who have advised that only 1-1 coaching should take place during the COVID - 19 outbreak. We are in full support of this decision at a time when health should be the priority of the public. The LTA are going to review their stance from 20th April so we hope for better news at that time. 

We are disappointed that we cannot continue the progress and enjoyment of each participant at our group sessions. However, if you would like to book a 1-1 coaching session with one of our coaching team then please send us an email. Lomond will remain open until further notice and at your own risk. Please note that David Lloyd has shut down from this morning onwards. 

On behalf of All Set Tennis, I would like to wish yourself and family well at such a problematic time. It has been a great pleasure working with you and I am confident that we can recommence and enjoy playing tennis again in the future. 

Please let me know if I can help you with anything. 

Best wishes 

Jamie Verhaere | Head Coach


Thank you for your Feedback

We have apreciated some really valuable feedback from parents over the last few months, and we have taken these points into consideration. Therefore, we have now decided to split coaching sessions into 'Development' & 'Performance' sessions. This will allow for players of similar ability to be playing in the same session, and it will reduce the number of players in one class, giving us the best chance of delivering our quality coaching for all participants.  

** Spaces for these classes will be more limited than in our previous programmes, so please signup early to gain your spot. Please email us if you are unsure which category your child should be in.**


Development & Performance

Below is a little explanation of the prerequisite of development and performance players. 

Development players: 

A Player who is inexperienced in playing Tennis, or on the particular ball colour they have progressed onto (e.g. transitioning onto Mini Orange from Mini Red). The player may not be able to demonstrate knowledge/understanding of tennis shots or tactics.  A development player could simply play for fun or use this stage to springboard onto the performance stage of their chosen ball colour. 

Performance players: 

Performance players are those who have developed and mastered skills learnt in the development stage. The performance player is required to  have spent at least two blocks on the development stage before transitioning onto the performance stage (e.g two blocks on Mini Orange development before transitioning onto Mini Orange Perfrormance).  A performance player should be able to demonstrate understanding of all tennis shots, and have some tactical awarenesses as to why they would play a certain shot. The performance player should be able, but not obliged, to play in competitions at local level.  At this stage, the performance player must be aiming to progress onto the next ball colour. 


With this new structure in place, our Junior Tennis Programme will be split into 9 Categories.

  • Mini Tots (3-5 years old)
  • Mini Red Development  (5-8 years old)
  • Mini Red Performance  (5-8 years old)
  • Mini Orange Development (8-9 years old)
  • Mini Orange Performance (8-9 years old) - No sessions in the May/June 2020 programme because of player progressions
  • Mini Green Development (around 10 years old)
  • Mini Green Performance (around 10 years old)
  • Yellow Ball Junior Development (11 years +)
  • Yellow Ball Junior Performance (11 years +)