Junior Coaching Programme

Junior Coaching is for pre-school and foundation children and for school years 1 to 6, and 7-9.  (School years groupings are guidelines only and groups may be changed at the Coach’s discretion).  The Lead Coach is Craig Amison-Smith.  

Novice Juniors, as well as those with experience, are all welcome. Equipment is available from the Coach. The Club has a flourishing Junior coaching programme. However space is limited owing to court space and required coaching support, so those who are interested should book quickly as  spaces will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis.

Our  Spring Junior Coaching Programme will commence on Friday 28 Feb 20  for 5 weeks until 27 Mar 20 , except for the senior Group5 which will only be for 3 weeks. Please note that  court resurfacing will commence on 16 Mar and therefore only the first 3 sessions will be at the Club courts; the 2 remaining sessions will be on private courts within the village.  (There are no floodlights on the private courts so the later start (5.45pm) Group 5 course will not be possible in weeks 4 and 5). Further Programmes will be run through the Summer and Autumn Terms, as in previous years.

We are moving to an electronic booking and credit card payment  system on this Clubspark website - this will be the preferred method  for booking and payment,  moving forward. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will see the 5 courses (by School Year Groups) available in the Spring Junior Coaching Programme 

Parents whose children  have previously been on a coaching programme  will be able to book and pay on-line - however, you will have to login (e-mail address/password) before you can access the booking system. Those parents who paid online their Junior Membership  Fees, last year, will already be registered (hope you can remember e-mail address and password that you used!). Those parents who have not yet registered will receive a Clubspark e-mail (by 16 Feb) inviting them to register - look out for the e-mail!

To book on-line - please select (click-on) the relevant Course below and follow the booking process through (logging-in first when requested to do so). The process is fairly intuitive, but there are some 'issues' to note, and ends with credit card payment using the Stripe (commercial collection approved by the LTA) system. You will be sent an e-mail confirming your booking.  The ' issues' to note: (PLEASE READ THE 'ISSUES' (BELOW) BEFORE YOU START MAKING A BOOKING - SO THAT YOU DON'T GET CAUGHT OUT).

  • Click on the Course that you want from the list below and Click  'Continue Booking' . (The system will ask you to sign-in (email address/password) if you have not already done so - before continuing - but will then take you back to the course booking).
  • You will see your name on the left. Please use the 'Add a Player ' link and add each of your children (who will participate in this course - if your children are in different courses you will need to make a booking separately in each course- you should not need to login again just go back to the main Coaching page). You will need to fill in a details  sheet for each child (and save). 
  • Once you have created a list of players (children) - please click/tick the box to the left of the name to select those players that you wish to attend. (DO NOT put a tick against your own parental name or the system will charge you as attending!). Ensure that the total charge (shown on the right) corresponds to the number of players (children) that you are booking for.
  • Ensure you check/tick the 'Terms and Conditions' box or the system will not you move onto the payment screen.
  • Enter credit card details (no debit cards) on the payment screen. If the system offers you any options select 'Enter Card Details Manually' 
  • (If you have real technical difficulties then please contact Paul Haines (Treasurer) - )

Particularly, for the forthcoming Spring Programme  booking and payment (direct bank transfer/cheques) will be offered to those having difficulty with on-line booking. Please contact Rob Scriven (e-mail address below). Nevertheless, please do try and use, and get used to, the on-line booking system - this will likely become the only way to book and pay beyond 2020!

Parents whose Children have not previously been on a coaching programme  should contact Rob Scriven (Club Coaching Coordinator)  via email: . He will arrange registration on the website to facilitate booking.

Adult Coaching

The floodlights make an autumn and  winter coaching programme possible but there are currently no Courses sheduled. Hopefully, these may start again in the Summer. Increasingly, Adult courses have been run on a pay and play basis.

If you would like to take part in Adult coaching then please email the club:

(Further details will also be notified (when available) through Netcall)

Any club member can arrange coaching directly with the Club Coach, Craig Amison-Smith, at his usual, very good value, coaching rate.  Contact: