Coaching has now restarted. 

There is no organised Adult Coaching at the moment but Individual Coaching may be organised with the Club Coach (See Below)

A Junior Coaching Summer Term Programme will commence on Fri 19 Jun 20. (See Below for Details)

Junior Coaching Programme

A Junior Coaching Summer Term Programme will commence on Fri 19 Jun, organised in 4 Groups, and will run for 5 Fridays until 17 Jul 20. Places are limited (because of COVID regulations) and those who have been accepted on the Programme will have received a separate e-mail (on 13 Jun 20) from Rob Scriven (Coaching Coordinator) .  If you did not register an interest in the Summer Term programme but would be interested in future Junior Coaching opportunities then please contact the Club on:  appletonwitheatontennisclub

Parents of those who have Juniors who have been accepted, now need to register and pay for their children, using the on-line system below. 

Please note that the 4 Groups  for the Summer Term programme have been arranged by ability rather than by School Years, as in the past. IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT PARENTS CHECK ROB'S EMAIL - SO THAT THEY KNOW WHICH GROUP  TO REGISTER THEIR CHILDREN ONTO. If you have not received Rob's e-mail then please contact him on: 

Register and Pay for the Summer Term Programme (Please read below carefully before launching into the Registration and Payment Process)

Scroll down the Page (to the bottom) and you will see the 4 Groups that comprise the Summer Term Programme.

If you have children in different Groups then you will need to make individual bookings in each Group. (See further advice down this Page if you need to book into a Second Group)

Click anywhere in the Group Box for which you are trying to book. (You will need to Login to the Clubspark System if you have not already done so)

Select 'Continue Booking'

  1. You will now see your name (parent) listed under the Who Will Play List , on the Left. 
  2. DO NOT CLICK THE TICK BOX TO THE LEFT OF YOUR NAME ( The system will think you are playing!)
  3. Click 'Add Player'  and enter the name of the child that will play.
  4. If you have more than one child in the Group, then Click 'Add Player' again and enter the name of the second child.
  5. Now Click the Tick Box to the Left of each Child's name to select them as Players.
  6. You will see the Total Cost box, to the right, change to show the total cost owing.
  7. Click the' Terms and Conditions' box
  8. You will now be taken to the Payment area using the 'Stripe' commercial collection system where you must pay using a Credit Card.
  9. The system will send you a  confirmation e-mail.

If you need to book into a second Group, note that any names that you have booked into your first Group will be retained (linked to you as the parent) and will show in the second Group, when you Click in there!

  • Add the new player names of children that you wish to register in this second Group.
  • THEN CAREFULLY CHECK THE TICK/SELECTION BOXES TO THE LEFT OF EACH NAME. Only tick/Select those names that you wish to select/should be playing in this second Group.  Untick/deselect any names that you have already booked into the first Group, if they have a tick against them in this second Group.  As a cross-check, ensure that the total amount that you are paying  in this second group corresponds to the number of players that you are expecting to register/pay in this second Group.
  • Then Click 'Terms and conditions' and, proceed to payment - as in first Group. 

 If you have any problems with the process then please contact the Club on:

Junior Coaching is for pre-school and foundation children and for school years 1 to 6, and 7-9.  The Lead Coach is Craig Amison-Smith -  LTA Licensed Level 3 Club Coach.  

Please note that it is a condition of joining the Junior Coaching Programme, that your child joins as a Junior Member of the Club (or is part of a Family Membership) - for Insurance purposes. The Club Treasurer will send further renewal reminders to those parents on the Summer Term Programme who have not already renewed Junior Membership for their child. 


Adult Coaching

The floodlights make an autumn and  winter coaching programme possible but there are currently no Courses sheduled.  Increasingly, Adult courses have been run on a pay and play basis.

If you would like to take part in Adult coaching then please email the club:

(Further details will also be notified (when available) through Netcall)

Any club member can arrange coaching directly with the Club Coach, Craig Amison-Smith, at his usual, very good value, coaching rate.  Contact:  Mobile: 07719599582