Our Safeguarding  and Diversity documents are on a separate page - see the link above in the blue bar

Here are links to the Club's documents:

Membership Form 2019-2020

Committee Meeting Minutes
Our minutes will be published here once they have been approved, click on the date to download the PDF.

7 January 2020
22 October 2019
21 August 2019
24 June 2019
5 March 2019
21 January 2019
4 December 2018
15 October 2018
21 August 2018
21 June 2018
30 April 2018
6 March 2018 (pre AGM)
6 February 2018
5 December 2017
19 October 2017
22 August 2017
13 July 2017

Minutes of 2019 AGM (draft until ratified at AGM 2020)
Minutes of 2018 AGM
Matters arising from 2018 AGM
Minutes of 2017 AGM (click to download)
Minutes of 2016 AGM (click to download)​

Reports to the Parish Council

​Constitution of the Club
There is a formal written constitution for the club (updated for 2018), which you can read here.

Club Handbook
The first version of the Club Handbook has been published. A printed copy will be available in the clubhouse from May 2018 and online here.

Data Protection and Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions of Use of this website

Use of Lights
Light tokens are available from: Paul Haines, Alan Murray, Andy Eastgate and Libby Willett. The cost of a token is £5 which lights one court for one hour. Insert the token into the appropriate light box (court 1 or 2) which is located in the toilet. Please remember that the lights take a little time (circa 5-10 minutes) to warm up and reach full intensity. When using the lights, the warning light on the central pole will turn from green to red when you have 5 minutes left. If you want to continue using the lights then you must insert another token. If the lights go out, you will not be able to restart the lights, for that court, for 20 mins (there is an automatic cool down period).
There are instructions next to the boxes.

Use of the Courts by Junior Members
The Committee has been reviewing the use of the courts by junior members and there is now a risk assessment document and a consent form available. Keys are available from John Stedman after completion of the consent form and payment of key deposit. You can contact John on the usual club email address​

Risk Assessment
We update our risk assessment every year:

2018: Risk Assessment

2017: Risk Assessment

2016: Risk Assessment