BLTC Rules 2024




(These can only be amended by a Members General Meeting)

  1. The Management Committee shall, subject to the Constitution, have power to manage the whole business of the Club.
  2. The Management Committee shall set and revise all membership fees on an annual basis, subject to ratification at the AGM.
  3. The Management Committee shall have the power to reserve court time for Club and Coach activities
  4. The Management Committee shall have the power to determine any issues relating to an individual’s membership qualification, including expulsion
  5. Members must act according to all Policies and Procedures laid down by the Club
  6. All nominations or proposed resolutions from a Member relating to a General Meeting must be lodged with the Honorary Secretary no later than 21 days before the date of the General Meeting
  7. All complaints shall be lodged in writing with the Welfare Officer or another member of the Management Committee, giving details in accordance with the Complaints Procedure laid out in the Club’s Equality Policy.
  8. Any concern regarding the welfare of a Junior (under 18) shall be reported immediately to the Club’s Welfare Officer in accordance with the Club’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.
  9. Members are expected to take responsibility for the Health and Safety of themselves and other members. Any concerns must be reported to the Committee immediately.
  10. Members must pay due regard to security of the Club premises and all personal property is left at their own risk.
  11. If Adult Member parents/guardians provide access to the premises for their children who are Junior members, they will remain responsible for those Juniors at all times.
  12. No member shall be allowed to play on the courts unless wearing suitable, mud-free footwear.
  13. Members must remove all litter from the courts
  14. All members shall uphold the Rules and Code of Conduct of the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and the North East of Scotland Lawn Tennis Association (NESLTA).
  15. Members must conduct themselves appropriately and treat all members and players respectfully regardless of any dispute that may arise
  16. Any member of the Committee has the right to stop play for reasons of inappropriate behaviour or HSE
  17. The interpretation of these rules shall be subject to the principles in the Club Constitution and the decision of the Management Committee on any question arising thereon shall be final.