Welfare Office

I am Natashia de Silva. I am the Welfare Officer at Beaconsfield Tennis Club.


The club is required to have a range of measures in place including:

  • Welfare Officer post
  • Safeguarding Policies
  • Clear systems and processes to support safe play
  • Appropriate checks on club personnel
  • Creating and maintaining a safe environment for all

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Godwin and the coaches on achieving an environment where we all take our responsibilities seriously whilst seamlessly promoting and supporting the tennis club in many different ways.

Please can I respectfully ask that we all make ourselves familiar with the Codes of Conduct, Safeguarding policies and others in order that we to continue to prosper as an inclusive, friendly and safe tennis club.  All documents and information are available in the clubhouse on the Notice Board and are included in the Folder of Club Policies, both found in Reception. .

As Welfare Officer, clearly it is important for me to ensure we have a safe, fair and fun tennis club here in Beaconsfield.  Please don’t hesitate to get involved and enjoy tennis.  I am very happy to field any queries at any time in relation to any of the above information or topics.

Many thanks and keep enjoying your tennis!

You can contact me at welfareofficer@beaconsfieldtennis.com

In addition, the LTA provide a valuable resource of information which can be accessed through: