Coaching Terms & Conditions


On joining a course, you agree to abide by our Club policies, including our Code of Conduct and On Court Safety Policy. We reserve the right to decline attendance to anyone who does not comply with our policies. There will be no right to a refund in this case.

We reserve the right to cancel any course that is under-subscribed. If this occurs we will issue a full refund.

Players are advised to wear suitable, non-slip shoes whilst playing tennis. Black soled shoes that can cause marks are not allowed on courts. Billericay Lawn Tennis Club can accept no responsibility for injury, loss, theft or damage to any personal items.


The Club has a qualified Welfare Officer who ensures that all members of our coaching team are appropriately qualified and we always use references and background checks. We will ensure that all of those working with children are following the LTA code of conduct for people working with children in tennis.

Any aggressive actions (verbal or physical) towards our coaches, service providers, volunteers, members or clients will not be tolerated.

Medical conditions

Parents/carers must inform the Club of any medical condition, disability, or medication taken by their child(ren) which may be relevant to the child’s safety on the tennis court. We will keep this information confidential and handle such issues with discretion.

Payment Policy

Payment must be made on or before registration. Details of prices, term dates and all necessary information are available on the coaching page of our website. The termly fee cannot be reduced due to weeks absent. 


No refunds will be given for missed classes. Once a term has started any cancellation by a parent will be subject to a cancellation fee of £15.

Private lessons

Only coaches approved by the Club may offer private lessons at the Club and it is expected that they will adhere to all Club policies. Billericay Lawn Tennis Club accepts no liability for private lessons. The Terms and Conditions for these are a matter for agreement between the individual and the coach concerned.

Coaches must send the names of all who are receiving private lessons to the Club Administrator who will check against the membership list. The Club has a right to limit the number of non-members who are receiving coaching.

Non-members can have private lessons but they must pay the hourly guest fee of £5 directly to the Club before the start of the lesson or join as a member.


Delivery and collection of children 

It is the parent’s/carer’s responsibility to be on time for collecting children and communicating any changes in pick up methods to us.

Children under 12 must be delivered to their designated coach and must not be left unattended at any time. If parents are not remaining on site, they must return promptly at the end of the coaching session, to prevent coaches being late for their next appointments. The coach and parents must adhere to the collection time.

If a parent returns late, responsibility for the junior remains with the coach. After 15 minutes, the Club may at its discretion, impose a fine equivalent to the hourly coaching fee.

If a parent is late and has not arrived in time for the coach to leave the site for an appointment elsewhere, efforts must be made by the coach to contact the parent, and leave a message. Preferably at least 2 adults, deemed by the delayed coach to be suitably responsible adults, should be sought from those attending the Club at the same time, to care for the junior temporarily, and the parent informed of the arrangement first by phone call then by text if necessary. The Welfare Officer or Assistant Welfare Officer will also be informed, who will make an official report of a concern for the child's wellbeing to the appropriate authority.

Unplayable Weather Policy:

Coaches will always endeavour to stay out and continue as scheduled irrespective of the weather.  A decision would be made to stop or cancel a group based on all factors involved in that session.

The coaching staff will endeavour to contact players notifying of lesson cancellation due to adverse weather. Where possible, the team aims to give a minimum of 30 minutes notice of a cancelled lesson. If you do not receive a message notifying of unplayable weather cancellation, your lesson will continue as scheduled. 

If a session runs over half of the designated time and is interrupted due to weather conditions, the session is catagorised as completed so a catch up lesson would not be arranged in this case.

Cancelled or missed lessons

If a coach is unavailable for any reason, the Head Coach will attempt to find another appropriately qualified coach before they cancel the session. In the event of cancellation, the coaching staff will endeavour to notify you as soon as possible.

If a lesson is cancelled, for whatever reason, an attempt will be made to make it up at the end of the course or, if it suits all members of the group, at another time.  No refunds are given due to unplayable weather lesson cancellations.

If a Club member misses a coaching session for whatever reason, they can often make it up by dropping in to any other session of a suitable level. Please speak to the coach of your regular session as to what would be appropriate. You will then need to make contact with the coach of that session so they know who to expect. Note that this dispensation does not apply to non-members. It is the sole responsibility of the student/parent to enquire with coaching staff in regards to making-up lessons. The coaching staff cannot guarantee making-up lessons but will endeavour to provide as many options as possible.

Making-up lessons cannot normally be carried over to a new term.



Parents should not be on the court during sessions unless specifically invited by the coach. Parents are not allowed inside the dome during coaching sessions for health and safety reasons.

Verbal or visual instructions from the courtside are not allowed, because it can be detrimental to the session for the players and coaches.

Last updated December 2023