General Information

Social Tennis

Social play for A section members is every Tuesday evening from 7:30pm and Saturday afternoon from 2pm to 5pm. Just turn up and play.

Social play for B section members is every Thursday evening from 7:30pm and Sunday morning from 9am to 1pm. Just turn up and play.

Floodlights are free for all organised social tennis.

Tennis Balls

Tennis balls are provided free of charge twice a week although members can use their own if they prefer. The balls are on the rack by the front door. These may be new balls or used match balls. Please replace them when you have finished with them.


All 10 courts are floodlit. There is no time limit for the use of the floodlights except during the winter months 1st October – March 31st when the airdome is up and the lights on courts 4, 5 and 6 will automatically be switched off at 10:30pm.

There is a charge for the use of floodlights and that is £6 per hour per court. The meters are on the wall in the clubhouse lobby and take £1 coins. Sometimes the meters are set to FREE for convenience but the light fee is still payable. Put it in the meter or pay at the bar.


There is a first aid box in the lobby of the clubhouse by the front door. There is also a defibrillator for use in the event of a person suffering a heart attack at the club. The defibrillator provides audio guidance, will cause no damage and can be used by anyone.

 Club Hire

The clubhouse is available for hire by members for certain events. If you would like to hire the club for an event contact the facilities manager. 

Security Alarm.

The clubhouse is alarmed. Not only do the bells etc. go off if ‘tripped’ but the system goes through to a monitored security station who will contact one of the committee members.

On entering the clubhouse, the alarm will start ‘beeping’ loudly as soon as you enter. Go straight to the numbered key pad on the left hand side of the foyer (next to the office door) and key in the security code. The key pad screen should now read ‘unset’. You are now free to move freely around the club.

On leaving the clubhouse​, ensure all floodlights are switched off and the FREE facility on the light meters is switched off.

Ensure that all lights and radiators/water heaters etc. are turned off and internal doors and windows are closed – especially the patio doors and the back door to courts 7-10.

Key the security code onto the keypad -the screen should now read ‘do you want to set the system?’ - press the ‘yes’ button. the screen should now read ‘exit.... now! all zones on’.

The exit tone will now sound loudly, so leave the club by the front door immediately, taking care to lock it.

The system has now been set. If you have any problems - don’t panic - either read and follow the instructions on the key pad screen or phone a committee member.

Contact the membership secretary for the security code.

The fire alarm system (to the right of the burglar alarm) does not need to be touched at all.

Clubhouse Key

If you require a key to the clubhouse please contact the membership secretary by email [email protected]

Billericay “100 Club”

The BLTC ‘100 Club’ produces approximately £600 per annum for the club. The ‘100 Club’ gives you a chance to win cash prizes 15 times a year.

It costs £24 per year to be allocated a number and £12 goes towards club funds and £12 goes into the prize pool. Each number is entered into the monthly draw with a chance to win a cash prize.

If you are interested in joining the 100 Club contact Kath Allen-Brodie for details here  Kath Allen-Brodie



The club always needs volunteers to help with the many jobs required to run a tennis club. The club cannot run without your help no matter how small your contribution.

Perhaps you could help with the many repair and maintenance tasks that continually occur. If you can help in any way contact the facilities manager. It would be very much appreciated.  

Why not help to arrange and organise some social events. Maybe join the social committee. If you would like to help with social events speak to the social secretary.