How to book courts

This facility is configured to allow the Match Secretary (and those with 'Administrator Rights') to book courts for coaching sessions, team fixtures, tournaments etc.

However, anyone can view Bookings by clicking on the 'BOOKINGS' tab at the top of the page and selecting a date using the 'Calendar' icon.



1.   Log-on and then click on 'BOOKINGS' tab.

2.   Change the setting to "VIEW AS ADMINISTRATOR".

3.   Select the 'DATE' the courts are required.

4.   Scroll down the calendar to view the 'TIME' that the courts are required.

5.   Double-click the required time 'SLOT' on the calendar.

6.   When a 'MAKE A BOOKING' window appears, click on 'ADVANCED OPTION'.

7.   Complete the 'BOOKING FORM', noting:

  • NAME (enter the name of the coaching session / team v opposition, or tournament)
  • COURTS (highlight all courts required).

8.   Click 'SUBMIT' (you will be alerted to any potential 'double-booking').

9. Click on 'BOOK ANOTHER COURT' to view your booking.

10. To amend a booking, click on the booking and amend the details*.

     (* Note: This is the quickest way to book courts for a re-arranged fixture).