Booking Instructions

Click on the “Booking” tab. This will take you to a sign in page entitled “Sign in to book a court or manage your upcoming bookings”.

There are 2 ways of signing in:

1. Set up an account with your email and password


2. On the right hand side of the page there are coloured horizontal bars labelled LTA, Facebook, Google or Microsoft. If you have an LTA account ( all members of Bothwell Tennis Club can join the LTA at no charge) with an email and password then you can sign in via that route.


After you have clicked “Log In” you should be taken to the “booking sheet” for today with 30 minute time slots. To book a court on a particular day go to the calendar icon (Right hand side of view by date) and select your day from the pop-up calendar and then select a time slot/slots. A pop up will occur asking you to make a booking and there is a drop down menu to select the duration of the slot. Once you are happy with your selection click  “Book Now” and you should see a page stating booking has been confirmed with the booking details.




1. The Court can be booked from 8 a.m. up to 7 days in advance.

2. Booking is available from 8.00am - 9.30pm every day. (Members are requested to be considerate of neighbouring residents if playing earlier than 8.30am or later than 9.30pm. Members are also advised that due to a Planning restriction play under floodlight must cease by 9.30pm).

3. Sessions are bookable in 30 minute blocks, and members are requested to be considerate of others and book maximum sessions of 90 minutes, and book no more than 1 session per day.

4. Members are, however, free to use the court without restriction any time it is vacant. However, anyone playing without a booking should be mindful that they risk having to make way at any time for a member who has booked the court.

5. Junior/under 18's members may not book the court before 10.00am or after 6.00pm.

6. Adult social tennis sessions take place every Thursday from 7.00pm - 9.30pm, and various open coaching sessions take place from May to October. The court is block reserved and not available for booking at these times, but members and prospective members are invited to just turn up and join in any of these open sessions.