Health & Safety Policy

Bovingdon & Flaunden Tennis Club 

This document sets out the way we (the Club) works with all our members and what they can expect from their involvement with the Club.


Bovingdon & Flaunden Tennis Club (B&FTC) is here to provide social and competitive tennis opportunities for adults and children of all standards. It is also here to provide social activities for players.

Health and Safety Policy

B&FTC is committed to maximising the safety and welfare of all it’s members including visitors and guests. All our members have a responsibility to inform the Health & Safety Officer (TBA) in the case of accidents whilst using or undertaking any tasks on Club premises and to inform the Health and Safety Officer or a Committee Member of any potential hazards of which they become aware.

We are committed to the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

We undertake to
1. Discuss Health & Safety at every committee meeting.
2. Appoint a Health & Safety officer
3. Ensure your environment is safe and free from reasonable risk
4. Ensure safe entry and exit to our clubhouse, store and site, including appropriate signage and instructions
5. Provide appropriate 1st Aid facilities
6. Provide appropriate safety equipment/kit to enable employees/volunteers to carry out their work
7. Safe and adequate welfare facilities
     a. Carry out risk assessments to assess and deal with all areas of our operations,
          i. Manual handling
          ii. Slips and trips
          iii. Electricity
          iv. Noise
          v. Stress
          vi. Violence
    b. Format
         i. Identifying any hazards,
         ii. Identify any members who might be at risk from hazards
         iii. Evaluate the risk and decide on precautions (eliminate > control)
         iv. Record the findings and implement them
         v. Review and update proceedures


 Organisation Arrangements

The responsibility for Health & Safety rests with the Committee. On an operational level, responsibility to ensure that we deliver on the above responsibilities is set out as follows:

1. Clubhouse/Kitchen/Changing rooms – the Facilities Strand
2. Coach Shed – the Tennis Strand
3. Tennis Courts – the Facilities Strand
4. Car Park - the Facilities Strand

General Responsibilities

Adult members, their guests and the parents of juniors using the club are responsible for ensuring that:

  1. Courts are suitable for use, especially in cold or wet weather conditions when courts may become slippery
  2. They alert a responsible adult to any particular health or physical issues e.g. allergies that may cause them to require assistance while on club facilities
  3. They carry with them any devices or medicines eg epi-pens or inhalers that they might need.