Box Leagues

What are Box leagues

Box leagues are a relaxed casual tennis league where players are  grouped into small groups with other people of a similar level, and play the others in their box, flexibly, at a time which suits all participants.

How the boxes work at the Club

We plan to have one mixed doubles and two singles gender boxes. The box leagues are open to all members at all ability levels from yellow ball and above. If you aren’t sure, please don’t rule yourself out! You can get in touch in with Ali who will be happy to advise. They provide an opportunity for competitive but fun play. For newer members, this is a great way to meet other players at the club

The boxes will be made up of 4 players or 4 pairs of players. The formation of boxes will be based on entrants' previous performance. If an entrant is new to box leagues, they will be placed at an appropriate level.

Box Leagues have restarted from Dec 2023 - end of Jan 2024 - NOW EXTENDED TO END OF FEB 2024

Box 1

Jo Alden Matt Rolfe
Jax Brabaxon Ian Guest
Steve Martell Dave Martell
Jamie Daden Anne Alderton


Box 2

Ali Lyons Matt Cannon/Tim Baldwin
Jo Prior Ann Mudd
Jane Gilmore Mark K
Helen Campbell Marion Bernard


Box 3

Danny Brennan

Raj Patel

Phillip Wood Joan O'Connor
Ellie Martell Harriet Posner
Sue Munday Fliss B


Box 4

Kay Gobby Halina Tosar
Leah Jordan Jasmine Clare
Danny Brennan Helen Matthews
John Lambert Ciaran Carney


Basic Rules

  • Players  are free to choose the match format. The club suggests the best of 3 sets with sudden death deuce. The format should be agreed in advance.
  • 2 points for a win. 
  • 0 point for a loss.
  • 1 bonus point for every match played (walkovers do not count).
  • Match results to be emailed to Ali , Club Captain

Detailed Rules

  • If a player is forced to retire during a match (e.g. due to injury), that player (or their doubles pairing) will concede the match.  The score as it stands should be reported so that it may be used in tie-breakers.
  • If a match cannot be completed within a single session for any reason other than player retirement (e.g. bad light), neither player/team should concede the match.  The match should be continued in another session with the score carried over.  If the match is not rescheduled for any reason (including due to player injury), the match will not be considered completed.
  • Matches not completed by the deadline will not be counted.
  • A player/team may claim a walkover under the following circumstances (subject to agreement with the organisers):
    The opposition is forced to cancel a match (for reasons other than weather conditions) less than 24 hours before the arranged start time.
    The opposition turns up late (more than 20 mins after the arranged time).
  • If a walkover is claimed, neither team will be granted the associated bonus point.  Re-arranging the match is encouraged so that bonus points can be awarded.
  • Walkovers will be recorded as scoreless, and thus will not affect set or game percentages (for the purposes of breaking ties in the boxes).
  • Players/teams may not offer walkovers to opponents.
  • If a player/team withdraws from the box league before completing all their matches, the opponents they have not played will not be entitled to any points.  Points for matches before their withdrawal will be retained.

Have fun and Good Luck!