Free Floodlights

Although primarily used for coaching purposes & social tennis during term time Monday to Thursday, our floodlights on courts 3&4 are available for members to use at other time and are free of charge.

Our lights are portable and operate by an extending hydraulic system that takes them from 3m (resting) to 8m (active).

The lights are activated by inserting the card in the appropriate meter (with the chip facing to the right). The number of available credits will be shown. Pushing the button on the meter will activate the light system, using up each credit in turn. The display will show the amount of time left before the lights turn off. The lights will take 3-4 minutes to extend and fully activate.

When there are only 5 minutes of light left on each court, a buzzer will sound for one minute. You should enter more credits if you wish to extend your court use. When the last 5 minutes of credit have expired, the peripheral lights will turn off and retract. You should now drag the courts. After a further minute, the central lights will do the same. There is a cool off period of 5 minutes before the lights can be reactivated.

In case of high winds, the lights will retract automatically.

Please note that the lights will automatically turn off at about 9.15pm to respect our neighbours' peace. Any credits put in the meter will be lost.

Contact the Head Coach, David Bryceland; or the Chairman, Simon Tobi, to obtain a light card or get credit top ups.