We have a new dealership with Mantis Sports, supplier of top quality sports goods

Their products are high quality and I have a selection of Mantis tennis rackets to suit all levels. Members can try before they buy.

All prices for our members are very competitive and represent excellent value.

Members simply need to logon to the Mantis website, make a note of the racket they would like, and if it’s available we can supply it at 25% off the online price!   In fact ALL items are subject to a 25% discount.

TENNIS RACKETS  from £15  to £150

TENNIS BALLS  from £5.49 per tube (4)

RACKET OVERGRIPS  £5.99 per pack (3)

TENNIS BAGS from £34.99

DAMPENERS  £3.49 per pack (2)


As most members know, I also provide a complete restringing service, with a fast turnaround. More details on link below.