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COVID-19 Update

Business As Usual

We are still restringing tennis rackets as normal.
If you have a tennis racket restringing need, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bourne Stringing

We’re pleased to offer a high quality tennis racquet re-stringing service at highly competitive rates for both members and non-members in the south Canterbury area including Bridge, Bekesbourne & Littlebourne.

Below are example rates of popular strings available. If however you have a specific request, we’re happy to cater for all needs.

Call Simon at Bourne Stringing on 07561 099069
or email [email protected]

All makes of strings catered for on request.

When requesting a restring, please specify desired string & tension (lbs/kilos). If no tension given, mid-range tension will be provided based on your racquet specifications.






Wilson RipSpin
A premium monofilament string with added improved durability and excellent tension hold in a thicker gauge. A superb polyester string for all level of players, from one of the top brand names in tennis. Extremely comfortable and powerful. Give this one a try!
Graphite 135/15 £15.00
Pro’s Pro Black Force – CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
Featuring no loss of tension and unique control, Black Force provides very high spin potential and superior power combined with good comfort. Due to the excellent durability, it is particularly suitable for aggressive players with high string consumption.
Black 129/16 £15.00
Signum Pro Poly Plasma
A very popular co-polyester tennis string ideal for aggressive players requiring power. Offering great durability and comfort with the benefit of being spin friendly. Also has the benefit of minimal tension loss.
Orange 133/16 £17.00
Signum Pro Poly Plasma HEXtreme Pure – CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
A highly rated co-polyester string with a hexagonal profile for added bite, spin and excellent control. The hexagonal profile, combined with all the benefits of the original Poly Plasma, offers outstanding control, comfort, playability, high durability, minimal tension loss or string movement. A high end string without the high end price tag.
White 125/16L £17.00
Tecnifibre Synthetic Gut
Has a monofilament core and elastic twisted monofilament outer wraps, offering power, comfort and durability. Recommended for players with sensitive elbows or joints who want comfort without compromising power and feel.
Black 130/16 £14.00
Supply Your Own String
Some customers like to supply their own string if they have a very particular need. In most cases, we are happy to restring your racket with a string of your choice, at the tension you prefer.

Other string brands available on request including Babolat, Luxilon, Prince and more!

Contact Simon for a complete list of available strings and gauges.