Court Bookings

Please select a court and a time when you would like to play.

Booking the Tennis Courts:

Club Members should use the 'Court Booking' tab on the Home Page or the ClubSpark 'Booker' App (available on the Android Play Store and  Apple (ITunes) App Store  to book a court. 

Courts may be booked up to 5 weeks in advance under normal club rules for bookings. 

Non members can book a court and pay the visitors fee.

Charge rates are:                     £5 per hour per court.

Plus Floodlights @                   An Additional £5 per hour per court.

The key to the courts will be made availble to a visitor on payment of the appropriate fee. 

Contact should be made to check availability, make a booking, and arrange payment and collection and return of the key  with: Robin London, 01635 865267 or e-mail

Booking the Memorial Hall:

If you would like to book Bucklebury Memorial Hall, please refer to the Memorial Hall website by clicking here