Regulations and Rules for Members and Guests

  1. Wear appropriate clothing and in particular avoid the use of any footwear that may cause court surface damage, especially in hot weather. (i.e. not casual wear trainers with hard soles)
  2. Keep the access gate to the courts closed during play to avoid injury.
  3. Only paid up members and guests may use the courts and court booking.
  4. A member or paying guest may only book one court for a maximum of one and a half hours. Continuous play in excess of this is not allowed when other members are waiting to play.
  5. Every effort should be made to delete any unwanted bookings in advance to enable others to re-use the booked time.
  6. Unattended/unused court bookings may be utilised by others members. If claimed within the first 15-minute period the original booking should stand. Thereafter those on the court take preference to the named booking.
  7.  All members are responsible for their guests, and for payment of the appropriate guest fees. (Adult £2 Junior £1) This should be passed to a Committee member as soon as possible.
  8. Members are responsible for the care and use of their key. It should not be passed on to other parties without the permission of a Committee Member. The key remains the property of the club and should be returned as soon as your membership lapses.
  9. Members and guests who are 17 years of age or less should not book or use the courts after 6 p.m. as after this time priority is given to Senior members/guests. When no senior members/guests are waiting for the courts this does not apply.
  10. Members are expected to provide their own balls except for the Club organised events and Mix-ins when balls in the clubhouse are made available.
  11. Non tennis related activities are not allowed on the courts.
  12. Only those individuals involved in the games in progress (Playing or officiating) are allowed on the courts at all times.
  13. Members, who are last to leave the courts, must ensure the external gate to the Club facility is closed and locked on departure