Download our Rally Awards Roadmap brochure HERE

Tennis is a relatively complex sport to learn as it requires considerable hand/eye co-ordination, anticipation, movement and the ability to send and receive moving objects. So, in order to recognise progress for both players and parents we have devised our own set of Rally Awards which break everything down into simple to understand skills.

While our awards are largely based on LTA Youth principles  (low compression balls, smaller rackets and smaller courts, progressing from BLUE-RED-ORANGE-GREEN-YELLOW) they also include some elements that are unique to our programme such as our CHAMPIONS code of conduct.  As a parent, you can use the roadmap as a simple visual to track and support your childs progress. The key stages are shown in the diagram.

Note: children develop at different rates so we encourage parents to practice the skills with their child or you may wish to consider Individual 1:1 lessons in addition to weekly squad training. The roadmap will take a number of years to complete and gets progressively more difficult so please be patient and encourage your child at all stages of their tennis journey. 

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