Keep your tennis practice up to date during lockdown by accessing a range of online tennis at home resources: 

  • Coach Carl's Tennis at Home YouTube -  Why not try some of the drills, skills and challenges available from our own coach's home hub. Minimal equipment is required for most drills, you can even make use of pots n pans instead of a racket or pairs of rolled up socks replacing balls! Click HERE to go my YouTube channel
  • LTA Tennis at Home hub - The LTA have put a wide range of resources online that you can try at home and many of which are suitable for indoor environments too.  Once again minimal equipment is required but if anyone from my squads needs to borrow a racket or a couple of balls do get in touch. Click HERE to access the LTA home hub content


Lockdowns are tough, they can impact both our physical and mental well-being and it can be difficult to focus on the positive.  But, we will come through this so why not come through it as a "better you". Use this period to focus on some positive goals and come back fitter, more energised and more resilient. 

The #665Challenge will help you get there by setting some personal achievable goals and helping you to work toward those goals in a friendly and supportive environment. Learn more by clicking on the links below:

Feel free to get in touch on 07553 966380 if you would like further details