All guests and vistors  who play MUST enter their car registration on the iPad in the Tennis Dome. Failure to do so will result in a £60 fine. The Club accepts no responsibility for fines received due to these instructions not being followed.


Floodlight tokens are an additional price to hiring of the court. They can be purchased from behind the bar (card) or from a coach (Cash).


We have an online court booking system. 

Members can book courts 7 days in advance, and members get discounted rates for court bookings and free use of outdoor courts (charges apply for floodlights). For the indoor courts we have peak and off-peak booking rates, and reduced court hire charges in the Summer.

Non-Members can also book the indoor and outdoor courts, 4 days in advance. Court hire fees are higher for non-members, so regular users will find it beneficial to become a member.

Floodlights work using a token system. A token can be purchased from behind the bar or from a coach. A token costs £2 and lasts 30 minutes.

ANY QUESTIONS OR QUERIES PLEASE CONTACT BILL ON (Tennis Section Manager)  07751 366934, or by email -

If you’re booking using the website the guidelines below might be helpful:-

If you’re booking using the Clubspark Booker app, which we would recommend follow these guidelines:-