Frequently Asked Questions


How do I book a court?

You can book a court by clicking on the booking tab of the website. Then if you are a member it will ask you to sign in. All payments are made online and you can view all of your bookings under my account.

Do I have to be a member to book a court?

No! We pride ourselves on being open to anyone. Members get free outdoor courts, Discounted indoor courts and priority booking (7 days in advance).

 I am a member can I bring non members with me to play?

Which courts are indoors and outdoors?

Courts 1,2,3 are outdoors and courts 4 +5 are indoors

How do I turn on the lights on the indoor courts?

When you walk into the indoor courts on the right there are two light switches, the one closest to the door turns on court 5 and the one closest to court turns on the lights on court 4. Please ensure you turn the lights off once you have finished play.

How do I turn on the floodlights on the outdoor courts?

When following the path round to the courts you will go past a double gate to access the courts. To the left of this there is  white box wich has 3 token boxes inside of it. The top left box is court 1 then the box on the right is court 2 and the one underneath court 3. In each token box there is a coin hole on the top side where you put the tokens in. Each token lasts 30 minutes.

Where can I get Floodlight tokens from?

Floodlight tokens are available at a cost of £2 per token from  the bar, office, club shop or from a coach. Each Token lasts 30 minutes.

Who do I contact for coaching enquiries?

Anita is Peterborough area manager for our coaching provider, Inspire2coach. Please contact Anita for any enquires. or 07484641253.

Who do I contact about Club Enquiries?

For tennis enquires please contact Bill Skead (Tennis Section Manager) on  07751 366934, or by email -

Is coaching included with membership cost?

Coaching is a separate cost to the membership.  The membership pays for the upkeep of the clubs facilties such as tennis courts, clubhouse and changing rooms. The Coaching fee pays for the coach, equipment and the court hire.

Do I need to become a member as well as pay for coaching?

You are required to become a member once you have become established in the coaching programme. We offer coaching only memberships which allow you to go to two sessions a week. if you want full membership benefits you will need to have a full membership.

What other sports do you have at the club and how can I access them?

Our Club boasts top of the range facilties for each sport. We host Bowls, Cricket, Hockey, Tennis & Squash/Racketball.

 If I am a member of another section of the club am I a member of Tennis?

If you are a multisport member that is correct. Please contact Garreth (club manager) or Max (Head Coach) to set up your access to the system. If you are a Hockey or Cricket adult member you are a multi sport member. ALL Junior and mini memberships are memberships for the whole sports club.

How much are the weekly social sessions?

Socials are included with membership. You are allowed to come to up to three of them before you are required to become a member. 


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