Safeguarding Policies & Procedures

Safeguarding and Equality

The Management Committee is committed to safeguarding and equality for all members.

We have 5 core principles which we aim to comply with in order to promote safeguarding and equality:

  1. We have Safeguarding and Equality policies that apply to all members, coaches and visitors
  2. We encourage children and adults to create safe and inclusive tennis environments
  3. We prioritise safe and inclusive recruitment, induction, training and support
  4. We protect people’s confidential information about safeguarding and equality
  5. We address safeguarding and discrimination concerns immediately

Safeguarding is managed on behalf of the Management Committee by the Welfare Officer Gemma Stevenson. To contact Gemma use this email address -

Our policies and procedures can be found by following the link below and include:

  • Safeguarding Policy
  • Safeguarding Reporting Procedure
  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy
  • Safeguarding & Equality Code of Conduct
  • Recording of Photos Policy
  • Sun Safety Code


We also have a 'whistle blowers' policy that can be found by following tis link:-

Whistle Blowing Policy

We have produced a flow chart showing what to do if you are concerened about a safeguarding issue, follow this link to find this document:-

Safeguarding flow chart

A useful additional resource is the LTA's Safe & Inclusive tool kit.